About Us


Martine was started by designer Sarah Atkins in 2010.  All pieces are created by hand, with a clean and classic aesthetic in mind.  Everything is hand cut, sewn, and finished in her work studio located in downtown Oakland. 

When you buy a Martine piece, you not only support a small business and ethical fashion line, but you support so many other American businesses. The leather comes from heritage tanneries like Horween and Wicket and Craig, who hold high environmental regulations and produce some of the best leathers in the world. The solid brass hardware that accents each piece comes from Ohio and Massachusetts. The machinery used to sew and finish each piece was sourced from Indiana. The thread comes from New York. The Martine logo was created by a Portland based artist. Your purchase choices can go a long way, and we appreciate you being here! 

The name Martine comes from Sarah's grandmother, the woman who planted the seed dedicated to sewing, designing and creating magic out of high quality materials and a classic aesthetic.

Every piece is individual, like the people that wear them.  Bring it.


Meet Sarah and watch her work here: https://youtu.be/NR6wzTxKhfs